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Never stress again over a lost edge. With patented diamond coated tusk technology, Edge Again can be applied directly to a dry or wet blade, whenever it’s needed. Using a simple back and forth motion across the blade, you can stay sharpest when it matters.

Operating Instructions

Before using Edge Again, please read about the following features:

On/Off Switch – Pressing the raised button on either side will switch the motor on or off.
Charging Jack – Connect the charger plug to the jack.
Skate Guide Channel – Place the blade into the skate channel to sharpen.
Sharpening Diamond Tusk Insert (Replaceable) – This is the abrasive component that is used to sharpen the skate blade.


Turning The Edge Again On

A switch is located on each side of the unit under the Edge Again logo. Find the raised area of the switch and press firmly. Release the pressure from the switch to turn the motor off.


Battery Level Display

Edge Again has a battery level indicator located on the side of the unit. The light will glow green, yellow, orange or red depending on the level of charge. Press the switch to activate the battery level indicator.

GREEN indicates a charged battery pack.

YELLOW or ORANGE indicates a partially discharged battery.

RED indicates the battery pack requires charging.


Charging Edge Again

Check the battery charge level regularly to ensure the unit is fully charged when you need it. The unit can be recharged at any time, regardless of the charge level indication. Be sure to charge the unit when the light glows YELLOW, ORANGE or RED. Note: Battery damage may result if the battery is drained completely.

During charging, the charge level is displayed. The battery is fully charged when the light glows GREEN.


Restoring A Demaged Edge

To repair a damaged edge, place the skate blade in the skate guide channel. Hold the skate and the unit firmly. Turn the unit on by pressing one of the switches located on either side. Slide the unit back and forth across the blade. (See Figure 2.)



Note: Be aware that the sharpening insert does the work to repair the damaged edge. Applying excessive pressure does not improve Edge Again’s sharpening performance.

Keep the unit parallel to the skate blade. Do not tilt the unit. Ensure the unit is seated completely against the skate blade. (See Figure 3.)



Note: The sharpening insert will wear with repeated use. For optimal performance, it is recommended to replace the insert after using it on 25-30 pairs.

The maximum recommended run time for the unit is 30 seconds. Allow the unit to cool for at least 1 minute after each use.


Choosing The Right Model

It is important to make sure you are using the right edition of Edge Again for your skates. The sharpening insert in the Edge Again unit has been designed to sharpen a specific type of skate, be it hockey player, goalie or figure.

Goalie and figure blades are typically wider than standard skates. The Edge Again Model EA1 unit will not sharpen goalie or figure skates, so make sure you use the correct Edge Again model.


  • $39.99

    Player Manual Kit

    1 Black Handheld Unit
    1 Diamond Coated Player Tusk

  • $23.99

    Player Tusk

    Replaceable Diamond Coated Player Tusk
    Easy and Safe Snap-In/Snap-Out System
    Each Tusk Sharpens Approx. 30 Pairs of Skates

  • Sale!
    $159.99 $99.00

    Player Power Kit

    -1 Black Handheld Powered Player Unit
    -1 Charger
    -1 Diamond Coated Player Tusk
    -1 Carrying Case with Handle

  • $39.99

    Goalie Manual Kit

    1 Red Handheld Unit
    1 Diamond Coated Goalie Tusk

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