The importance of skill in the game of hockey can’t be understated. Here, Coach-in-Chief Josh Holden explains how maintaining edges with the Edge Again tool is vital for improving your skating skills.


Hockey Tutorial’s Chris Kibui gives a thorough overview of the two Edge Again Player models. Chris recommends the powered unit with his review, explaining it’s well worth the money in the long run.

Hockey Us

After testing the product over a 2 month period, Hockey Us explains how Edge Again exceeded all their expectations. In the review, Edge Again scored an impressive 5/5 in all three different review categories.


Extreme ice skating freestyler, JediFarce, demonstrates how Edge Again can be used on T-blade skates to produce great results. For JediFarce, Edge Again keeps him sharp between professional sharpenings.


“Hi Guys,


I own my own hockey training centre in Barrie, Ontario called Shoot The Puck and I am on my skates for at least four hours every day.  I have been using your product for five years now and I rarely have to get my skates sharpened because the Edge Again keeps the edges on my skates sharp and ready for work every day.


Thank you.”


Trevor Gardner, Shoot the Puck, Barrie, ON

“That thing saved me in Montreal last night.  Had about 4 guys with blown edges last 5 minutes.”


Pete Rogers, Equipment Manager, Nashville Predators, NHL

Here in Sudbury we have been using EDGE AGAIN for almost 3 years. I can’t count how many times it has saved me from having to take a player off the bench to do their skates.  It’s a quick touch up on the bench and rarely do we have someone miss even one shift! By far the best tool for touching up skates on the fly.


Dan Buckland, Athletic Therapist, Sudbury Wolves Hockey Club, OHL

Hello Mr. O’Neill,


I hope all is well.  I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using the Edge Again A LOT this season. All of the girls who used it during a game loved it. They now ask me for the Edge Again and not the sweet stick (which I hardly use anymore). I discourage the sweet stick because of what it does to the edges and it is a pain to sharpen after the game. The Edge Again has saved me so many times. I use it at least once a game. It is an awesome product. I’ve been telling other equipment managers about how great it is since I got it. I even tell my hockey family/friends and teammates to go buy the one at Canadian Tire because it works wonders. Once again, than you very much for sending me this great tool, I love it!


Have a great day,


Erika Petosa, Equipment Manager, McGill Martlet Hockey

For me and the team Edge Again is a very important tool on the players’ bench.


Pierre Gervais, Head Equipment Manager, Canadiens de Montréal, NHL

(OHL Western Conference Finals Game 7, 2010)


Hello, Chris the Edge Again saved me last night!! Scott Timmins came off the ice with a bad outside edge on his left foot. I used the Edge Again on his skate just as I got done with his skate he got called for a shift and got the Game Winning goal for us to make it 2-1.  The final was 4-1 for Windsor, thanks to Edge Again for giving us the Edge in the Game.


Tyson Tatomir, Head Equipment Manager, Windsor Spitfires, OHL

Hey Chris,


In Toronto we used during the game in the third period twice and worked great! Once on Staal and Jokinen around the ten min mark and they finished the game with no problem.


The next night in Ottawa used it on Picard middle of the second! Finished the period!


Wally Tatomir, Head Equipment Manager, Carolina Hurricanes, NHL

We had a couple of opportunities to use the unit during tonight’s game and were impressed with the results. Our leading scorer was able to play 3 minutes of the second period with significant trauma to his left skate without showing any signs of problem. In fact he was in on 3 goals and no one would have ever known that he had stepped on something. The unit also allowed 1 of our top defencemen to play roughly the last 3 minutes of the first period on a damaged blade again without incident. The most impressive part of all this is the fact that each skater did not experience the over sharpness that sometimes occurs with other products. The burr was removed and each player could continue to play until we had an opportunity to sharpen the skates between periods.


We are believers and will continue to carry this unit to every bench of every arena that we play in.


Thanks for providing this.


Craig Belfer, Athletic Therapist / Equipment Manager, Kingston Frontenacs, OHL

Team Canada Selects — Norrtalje, Sweden, May 6, 2010.


Chris Kontos
Re: Edge Again


The “Edge Again” sharpener was a great success for us while we were in Sweden. I used it six to seven times since we opened up camp and it did the job. During our second game against Finland one of our top line players lost an edge, I put the “Edge Again” to use and it worked unbelievable.


Chris, I would like to thank you for this opportunity of using this fine machine. This machine saved us while we competed at the 3 Nations Cup in Norrtalje, Sweden.


Thanks again.


Andrew J Groomhridge, Head Athletic Trainer, Team Canada Selects

I have been using your product for about 2 weeks now and it is incredible the difference between using this product and the sweet stick. I have been able to return players to play in no time and with no issues; all have said their edges felt fine. I was made aware of how useful your product is when one of my players lost an entire edge and we used the EDGE AGAIN to restore it. When I sharpened the skate at the end of the period it took 30 passes on the portable machine to get the trauma out. Thanks again for sending me this wonderful product!


Thanks again,


Matt Sands, Equipment Manager, Belleville Bulls, OHL

I used it a number of times at the world under 18s with Team Canada and had great feedback from the players. I really like the design and it is so easy to use in a pinch. It saved me from having to do skates during the game more than once and by the end of the tournament, players would ask me to just run the edgeagain for a touch up instead of sharpening. It also received a lot of interest from curious onlookers who also were very impressed. The fact that it can have some side to side “play” while using it without ruining the edge is a big upside for me.


I find with other stones and products of the like, if you slip, it can damage the edge whereas the edgeagain will not. My only suggestion: hurry up with the goalie model! I am very interested to try it on goalie skates vs the dreaded sweet stick that my goalies use!


Thanks again for this product and I will certainly show it to everyone. I plan on taking it to our equipment manager meetings at the draft to share with everyone. Keep me posted on the development of the goalie model and as well, is it possible for me to buy one of the bench holders? I would like to have one for games.


Thanks again.


Ian Cox, Equipment Manager, Halifax Mooseheads, QMJHL

I’m still very happy with the EDGE AGAIN. It’s been reducing the amount of times I have to take a skate to the sharpener during a period. When I use the EDGE AGAIN on a player’s skate, when they return to the ice their skates don’t feel any different except the edge is restored. The players have responded well to your tool.


Jason McMaster, Head Equipment Manager, Manitoba Moose, AHL

I really like the EDGE AGAIN, it really comes in handy on the bench. I would rather use this than the stone and of course the sweetstick.


Brian Allen, Head Equipment Manager, Erie Otters, OHL

Couple words of thanks from the Braves of Valleyfield for this magical instrument!


Pascal Levert, Head Trainer, Valleyfield Braves, LHJ AAAQ

The product is fantastic and became a favourite with our trainers. It especially became important on the road games where there is not always a pro shop open for skate sharpening.


During the course of the season we found ourselves touching up skates rather then sending them out for sharpening. This obviously saved us money and supported our budget.


We even found out a way to make friends with the referees by offering Edge Again to them prior to games and letting them know it was available throughout the game. Everyone loves it!


Gerry Asselin President, Midland Flyers Jr. C Hockey Club, GMOHL, OHA

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