Why Edge Again?

Edge Again is not your ordinary skate sharpening device. Equipped with proven patented technology, our diamond coated tusks are specially designed to conform to any hollow, keeping your blades sharp without any risk of damage. Heavily engineered with its ergonomic, durable design, Edge Again stands far ahead of the competition.

How long do I run Edge Again on my blade?
It all depends on the severity of the trauma or if you just want to touch up your skates before you use them. If you have a large trauma you may have to run up to three 30 second intervals, while a 15 second interval will be sufficient for a touch-up.

Can I damage my skate by using this product?
No, Edge Again is designed to be simple to use. If you apply too much downward pressure or the unit is not running parallel to the blade, it will bind and stall therefore eliminating any chance of damaging an edge.

How long will a tusk last before I need to change it?
It largely depends on the severity of damage and trauma on the blade. A rusty blade will dull the tusk quicker whereas a well-maintained blade will extend the life of the tusk. We recommend you replace a tusk when it has been used on 25-30 pairs.

How can you tell if a tusk needs to be replaced?
You will be able to feel and hear the resistance of the tusk diminish once the diamond coating wears and does not have as much of a microfilming effect.

Does it matter which way I run Edge Again on my skate?
No, you can hold the unit however it feels comfortable and run it in either direction.

Can you use any type of tusk in any unit?
No, Edge Again tusks are not interchangeable and are designed to be used in their respective units. Since goalie and figure skates have wider blade widths, their tusks are designed for a wider channel. Player tusks are more narrow.

I have a 5/8 hollow and teammate has a ½” hollow. Do we have to change inserts?
No, Edge Again tusks are designed to follow the hollow or profile that you have on your blade.

Will Edge Again sharpen a flat bottom v profile?
Yes, Edge Again only touches the outside points so it is compatible with flat bottom v profiles.

Will Edge Again work on my T-blades?
Although it was not designed to sharpen T-blades, we found that it does work! Run the unit from both directions to hit the section in the middle of the blade. There may be some interference with the plastic holding around the blade.

How long does a charge last?
Approximately 50 cycles. The LED light indicator will give you an early warning signal.

Do I have to run a stone along my blade after I use the Edge Again?
No, Edge Again’s patented diamond coated tusk technology microfilms both inner and outer edges. The tusk runs simultaneously on the outside and inside, removing any burrs.


  • $39.99

    Player Manual Kit

    1 Black Handheld Unit
    1 Diamond Coated Player Tusk

  • $23.99

    Player Tusk

    Replaceable Diamond Coated Player Tusk
    Easy and Safe Snap-In/Snap-Out System
    Each Tusk Sharpens Approx. 30 Pairs of Skates

  • Sale!
    $159.99 $99.00

    Player Power Kit

    -1 Black Handheld Powered Player Unit
    -1 Charger
    -1 Diamond Coated Player Tusk
    -1 Carrying Case with Handle

  • $39.99

    Goalie Manual Kit

    1 Red Handheld Unit
    1 Diamond Coated Goalie Tusk

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